Recertification as "Recognised Good Employer" in 2019

Being a good employer and making this visible internally and externally is one of the greatest challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises today.

sysmind Service- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH assists companies with optimal planning and long-term IT support. It offers integrated IT and cloud solutions for medium-sized businesses, certified implementation and competent consulting.

In spring 2019, sysmind was successfully recertified as a "Recognized Good Employer".

In addition to good pay, the company makes many things possible for its employees. Private supplementary health insurance, cars for private use, travel allowances, smartphones also for private use, provision of business bikes/e-bikes also for the employee's partner, flexible working hours, home office and a well-balanced work-life balance are all important to sysmind.

Award for being an approved good employer

Small businesses offer good work and real free spaces for shaping the own work. Do only larger companies being able to afford flexibility and self-fulfilment of their employees? Sysmind and many other small and mid-sized businesses prove the opposite.

In the city of Hamburg more than 4000 companies altogether with more than 30.500 employees which are in the duty of social insurance generate services within the branch of information technology. Also, sysmind accords to this branch. The mid-sized enterprise enables their employees a lot and gets rewarded with motivation and loyalty.

CEO Heiko Müller must face like many others of his position in the industry a problem: How to find and bond qualified employees? For its team the company already does much.

Even as a small company sysmind enables self-evidently terms like flexitime and compatibility of family and career. Unfortunately, many potential applicants don’t know that before.

Employer branding as a strengthening of the own image as an employee became necessary. Heiko Müller decided for the certification process to become an “Anerkannt Guter Arbeitgeber” (which means translated: “Approved Good Employer”)

The management department of sysmind: Dirk Jedamski, Heiko Müller and Rolf Moormann (view from the left) together with AGA chief manager Volker Tschirch (second from left) about the treasured certification.

„We had the courage to do it and now we are proud of having done it so well. As a dedicated entrepreneur, of course you think you do much for your employees but to face an anonymous employee attitude survey nevertheless is a big step. I’m glad to know now that my employees recognise and appreciate the affords of the management level and to know that these are well received. Especially in smaller businesses a matching evaluation of working situations is important. Ones work so close together that discrepancies getting recognised fast. But even in KMU it is important to anonymously survey employees. Only by doing it that way you receive true opinions”, Heiko Müller said. 

Especially in questions of motivation and apprenticeship sysmind achieved a good result. All employees participated in the survey think to recommend their employer. Nobody stated something else. “That is a worth larger than average”, Volker Tschirch, Chief Manager of the “AGA Unternehmensverband” which offers the certification “Anerkannt Guter Arbeitgeber”. “As smaller business sysmind represents an interface between the large IT-suppliers and companies in the north of Germany. The company combines interests, delivers solution and supports its customers in receiving support from the large players of the IT-industry. Sysmind not only has a sympathetic ear for customers but even for the own employees. As a result, the company achieved a feedback better than the average in terms of motivation.” 

The slogan of sysmind: Work where you are and do it better than the rest for all of us!

A claim which is equally fulfilled by the employer and his employees.

The employer seal “Anerkannt Guter Arbeitgeber” was committed to the management department of sysmind Service und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH by AGA’s chief manager Volker Tschirch in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld for the next two years. Than the company will have the ability of becoming recertificated. 

A structured and predictive organisation represents the fundamental pillar of an efficient and economic IT. Sysmind assists in matters of design, draft and concept of information and communication systems as well as in the migration of local solution into the cloud. On demand, we also consult in matters of process optimisation.

Company based in: Albert-Einstein-Ring 21, 22761 Hamburg

The employer certification „Anerkannt Gute Arbeitgeber“ (which means „approved good employer“) was invented by the AGA Unternehmensverband together with some skilled partner from economy and certification. Goal of this initiative was to enable Employer Branding for KMU with transparent and target-aimed steps. Background: More and more companies fight for finding and bonding qualified employees. To show potential applicants what labels their companies they get supported by practically orientated certifications. 

Within AGA there are more than 3.500 companies (most of them small and mid-sized businesses) and business-near service provider organised. The organisation supports business and human resource managements as well as in terms of labour-law and social insurance related questions. It represents branch- and company-specific interests of its members towards politics, administration and public.