Die Familienunternehmer

Since 2016, sysmind has been a member of the interest group "Die Familienunternehmer e.V.", which represents approximately 6000 members from all industries.

As well as sysmind, only family or owner-operators belong to the association. Prerequisites for membership are: At least one million euros in annual sales, at least 10 employees and an entry in the commercial register.

The association's motto is: "Freedom, ownership, competition and responsibility. In doing so, the honorary family entrepreneurs and owner-managers in Germany advocate optimal entrepreneurial framework conditions vis-à-vis politics, society and the media.

An aspect that not only plays an important role in the family business association, but is also lived by sysmind: WE DON'T JUST TALK, WE DO!

This is reflected, for example, in the allocation of apprenticeships.

90 percent of all German companies are family businesses. And: Many of these family-run companies are world market leaders. Family businesses provide almost 60 percent of all jobs subject to social insurance contributions and around 80 percent of training positions in Germany, and so sysmind also contributes annually with training positions as well as dual study positions.