How Citrix can help you

The ever-growing list of SaaS, web, and mobile applications running on multiple clouds is difficult to manage and increases the security risk. Citrix Workspace enables you to proactively manage security threats in today's distributed, hybrid, multi-cloud, and multi-device environments. Only Citrix Workspace provides a unified, secure, and intelligent workplace where employees perform optimally while enjoying a high level of user experience.

Focus on security with users and their behavior

In a digital workplace, you can protect data and intellectual property with security controls based on user context, regardless of applications, data, devices, or networks. Uncover potentially dangerous anomalies by analyzing user behavior and use predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to detect threats and gain actionable information.

High user comfort

Your most valuable resource – 60% of your total cost of ownership – is your workforce. Today, however, productivity all too often suffers from complexity: more specifically, the increase in applications, credentials, notifications, and information spread across multiple locations. A digital workplace provides a central interface for secure, easy access to applications and data. Users benefit from intelligent search capabilities, task automation, and device-independent user experience.

Simplified workplace management

Consolidating IT silos through centralized workplace management brings many benefits. Teams on desktop or mobile devices from the areas of network, collaboration and security can collaborate on a common platform. This avoids redundant operations, streamlines IT operations and optimizes user experience.