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Do you ask yourself, which advantages cloud storage offers towards on-premise storage? 


In some circumstances, the correct answer is a mixture of on-premise storage and public cloud services with data mobility between both platforms. 

According to a current actual tech survey done with more than 400 companies within the United States and Great Britain 28% of them already implemented hybrid cloud storage. Another 40% schedules to implement it within the next year. Market research company IDC agrees: According its FutureScape report 2016 up to 85% of companies will work within a multi cloud environment until 2018.

More and more companies are interested in hybrid solutions to expand on-premise data management through public cloud offers. Five good reasons for hybrid storage you find here:


Why should I decide for Cloudian?

The S3-compatible scale out object storage of Cloudian is cost-effective and scalable up until the range of petabyte. For this reason, Cloudian’s object storage is recommended for use as storage of the 80% of data which is not in use often. Compared against conventional NAS storage Cloudian is almost 70% more cost-effective. Cloudian especially supports non-transactional data and complements solutions like Pure and Nutanix for storage of “hot”, performance critical data.


But where is the area of application?


  • Data Security: Deployment as a backup storage aim, as an alternative to more expensive appliances, compatible with Veritas, Commvault, Veeam and Rubrik solutions.
  • Storage-as-a-Service: Customers are enabled to provide a S3-compatible storage service with QoS – an important SaaS feature which isn’t offered by the most of competitors.
  • Media and Entertainment: S3-compatible on-premise repository for running projects. Compatible with software like Elemental, VizRT, Vidispine and Evolphin.
  • Life Sciences: Storage for genomic data. IlluminaDNA sequencer has S3 connectors.
  • Video surveillance: scalable video storage.





Not convinced? 10 reasons why our customers appreciate Cloudian!


  • 100& native S3: The Simple Storage Service S3 – introduced by Amazon – has become the standard object storage within cloud. Companies and producers which implements S3 applications which are executed on-premise or within the hybrid/private cloud should decide for Cloudian HyperStore® because it is the solitary object storage platform fully compatible to Amazon S3 API. It even outputs the same error codes as AWS. Existing HTTP-S3 applications work guaranteed and can use the same AWS-Dr-SDK to generate S3 applications.
  • Multi-tenancy capability and self-service: Cloduian Hyperstore admits multiple users in a solitary and commonly used infrastructure without endangering safety. Data of each user are logically divided from other users. As a result, strange users are not able to gain access without permission. Cloudian HyperStore enables role-based Access to system and group administrators as well as to users. On demand, users can choose and provide storage services through a self-service portal.
  • QoS and Contingents: Cloudian HyperStore administrators can define limits of usage rates and storage contingents for groups and users. Group administrators can afford tariff insights and contingents to single users of a group a privileged access to resources. This high degree in granular control provides that the consumption of resources does not overreach the limits of Cloudian HyperStore storage system.
  • Scale-out with cost-effective standard hardware: Because Cloudian HyperStore system is able to run on established hardware it can be scaled on thousands of knots from multiple data centres and supports millions of users and data volume in the scale of hundreds of petabytes. New knots – on demand also heterogenic – can be added without interruption of service. Also, performance, capacity and interruption safety increase. Each knot is a S3 cluster and offers data access to the whole cluster – as a result a real peer-to-peer platform emerges without single point of failure or shortages.
  • Protection and Distribution of data with Storage Policies Cloudian: HyperStore offers storage policies (eligible by administrator) for implementation of data security arrangements comply with data value. Users have the choice which pre-configurated storage policy should apply for the protection of data, Customers are able to protect and distribute data with support of replication or erasure codung functions. During replication a configurable amount of copies of every data object will be keeped within the system and each copy gets stored in another knot. At somebody’s discretion copies can be stored in different storage locations. At the Erasure Coding each object gets encoded and split into a configurable number of fragments and redundant parity fragments. Each fragment gets saved upon another knot and the object can be decoded by a configurable number of fragments. Storage policies offers also a detailed control of data placement in multiple data centres and consider factors like cost-effectiveness, security grades and proximity.
  • Hybrid-Cloud-Tiering | Tiering with other S3 platforms: With Cloudian HyperStore you can define one tiering policy per bucket. Objects within this bucket can be stored in Amazon S3 or Glacier, the Google Cloud platform or another HyperStore cluster ir S3 compativle offline storage system like sliver. Active data is stored on Cloudian, inactive data on sliver etc.
  •  Lifecycle-Management of Objects: With Cloudian HyperStore you can configurate termination dates for objects through the lifecycle management. For example, you can enforce a policy to an object so this object will be deleted one year later. Through publication of objects you can make a specific object available and accessible via internet. With the aid of a URL you can publish it, admit a specific number of downloads for the object and set a termination date. According to the terms the URL access will expire.  
  • Cost Accounting and Billing: Cloudian HyperStore offers a system-wide and detailed reporting about the consumption of a group or an individual – for example of their storage size, data transfer, number of GET and PUT processes for objects as well as GET and PUT processes for metadata. First step is determination of an assessment plan where a price gets accorded to a specific ratio. For example, storage up to 100GB could cost 1 US-Dollar/GB per month. The statistics of consumption by users and groups could be recorded automatically. At the end of an accounting period a report can be created which edits the bill for every group and user according to the usage rate.
  • Tuneable cost standards: HyperStore enables the configuration of data consistence standards by using replication and erasure coding to protect objects at multiple storage locations. For example, the standard consistence requirement for reading and writing processes can be defined as “Quorum”. That implies that a writing or reading process must follow a Quorum (or a plurality) before a success response is given back to the client application. For business-critical data objects the system can wait until a confirmation of EVERY knot is recognized at one or all data centres.
  • One Platform for Objects and Data: Cloudian HyperStore Connect for Files (CHCF) allows data services besides Cloudian HyperStore object storage and uses branch-typical protocols like NFS, CIFS and FTP. Data based environments take great advantages of the comprehensive choice of functions of Cloudian HyperStore object storage – like high durability and availability, geographical distribution, multi-client capability and cost-effectiveness.