Work where you want.

And how you want - with Microsoft Azure.

Everything you need to be productive anywhere, in a highly secured environment that delivers all your business applications, data, and tools. Globally and with higher availability than ever before.

Microsoft Azure makes it possible. Not only does it let you work from anywhere, on any device, but it also lets you work faster and more individually. And your company saves in the process - take advantage of the new opportunities!

Everywhere and every time

Now you can access all your company's information, tools, and applications through Microsoft Azure - on the device of your choice. Whether at your desk or on the go from any location or device, Azure makes it work faster and more reliably than ever before. And more secure, too, because Azure offers the built-in, comprehensive protection of state-of-the-art Microsoft security measures that are constantly updated. You only have to log in once, because Azure offers a secure multi-factor authentication process that lets your company control permissions with precision. 

Flexible, efficient and future proof

You only pay for what you really need. In the Azure Cloud, you can add capacities and resources at any time - immediately and simply with a click of the mouse. Finally, a model that makes your ongoing IT costs absolutely transparent and calculable! In the process, the cloud grows with your company, and you even save. Because space costs and energy costs are reduced or eliminated altogether, and investments in expensive hardware and the corresponding maintenance and administration are no longer necessary with Azure. This also frees up valuable human resources, which could be used for new projects that move your company forward.

In addition, you relieve the burden on your desktops, laptops or your mobile devices, because you can also store and back up your data in the cloud, even while on the road. With Azure Backup, this also applies to your company's comprehensive backups. This opens enormous savings potential, because your storage costs can be reduced by up to 80%. You've never been as flexible as you are with Azure Cloud - and you've never been so well prepared for the future.

Investment protection - continue to leverage what you already have

Leverage the investments you've already made in open-source technologies, data or apps and extend them to the cloud. Seamless hybrid cloud capabilities span infrastructure, data, user identities, apps and management.

You don't have to sacrifice the tried-and-true for development, either. Tools and open-source technologies you already know you can continue to use for your own development - Azure offers an extensive choice of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices.


Up to date and completely secure

With Microsoft Azure, you use a highly secured IT infrastructure that already offers everything a company needs to protect itself. All your employees are on the same level and use the same version - all over the world. Expand your global reach with the cloud service that covers more countries and regions than any other provider. And offers even more for your security: Microsoft Azure provides exceptionally comprehensive compliance coverage with 50 compliance offerings, making it easy for you to meet even extremely complex requirements.

And, of course, you benefit from the optimal protection offered by Microsoft's innovative and already built-in security measures. Everything is automatically kept up to date. This means that new security functions are available to you immediately and your sensitive company data and applications remain protected all around.


The beste of all worlds

Private, public or hybrid cloud - decide how you deploy Azure. Connect on-premises and cloud-based systems with hybrid cloud capabilities. You always have the choice of which of your applications, tools and data you want to bring to the cloud and which cloud variant best suits your business. And of course, a mix is also possible, allowing you to benefit from all the advantages. You simply select the data you want to keep in your company, and everything you want to provide to your employees you bring to the cloud with Azure.

Of course, more is possible with Microsoft Azure, such as advanced analytics and data services for both traditional and new data sources. Detect anomalies, predict behaviors, and recommend actions for your business. And use artificial intelligence capabilities to deliver new and exciting opportunities to your customers, for example, by delivering app interactions that feel natural and will delight your users.


"Kraut"-Computing: The Microsoft Cloud Germany

Do you feel most comfortable when your data stays at home? Then choose to get your Azure cloud services from the global Microsoft cloud platform with German infrastructure and German data trustee. In doing so, Microsoft Azure is provided via independent German data centers. For this purpose, Microsoft Cloud Germany uses an independent data network that is separate from the public Internet and is supported by a German data trustee that operates under German law and oversees all physical and technical access to customer data.

This gives you full control and decision-making authority over your data and allows you to choose Azure cloud services where your data resides on German soil - everything remains under the secure umbrella of Microsoft Cloud Germany.