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In the last few years, TECH-ARROW gained significant presence in the enterprise IT segment. Our portfolio includes next generation information management, archiving, processing, and migration products, which have won the trust of hundreds of customers in several countries all around the world – many of them from different industry sectors listed on Fortune 500. From our headquarter in Bratislava and our offices in the United States of America, China and Germany, we have built a strong and loyal customer base supporting thousands of users worldwide. Our products and services are available all around the globe - directly and indirectly through our skilled business partners. How were we able to achieve all of this in short time period? The basic team of Tech Arrow is based on IT professionals, who are already working together over a decade in a friendly atmosphere. They are all experts in tasks like information management and archiving. Our new products, contentACCESS – information management and archive, contentGATE – data migration, are in various aspects already ahead our competition. 

Are you thinking about replacing your archive with a brand-new solution? Is your legacy software not able to keep up with the new requirements on a modern email archive? Well, it’s time to look for next generation archiving software, which can archive your new correspondence reliably, without losing simple access to the legacy data. Build your integrated content archiving platform today; we've got the right technology for you!

What is contentACCESS?

contentACCESS was developed to solve the email, file server and MS SharePoint document management and archive scenarios in your organization. It is a modular product, with built-in or custom plugins. With these plugins, contentACCESS can combine several systems into one common archive in the cloud or on-premise. A unified content archive allows a company to implement retention policies quickly and to preserve all archive data that may be extremely important. Your company will meet regulatory requirements and corporate policies by securing and preserving data and providing flexible data management policies to enable authorized users to enact 'legal holds', set retention and purge policies, or conduct searches across multiple mailboxes to complete various inquiries. You can open the messages archived with the legacy archive with no extra interaction needed, just like before. The new emails are archived to contentACCESS, this single, integrated archive platform. In contentWEB, the end-user web interface of the archive, using sophisticated eDiscovery features, means all your emails can be searched and retrieved. Besides contentWEB, there are many other possibilities to visualize and work with the archive: use officeGATE (Outlook add-in) to see the desired information directly in Outlook or use the contentACCESS Mobile application to access the data on your mobile devices.

What is contentGATE?


ContentGATE is your solution for migration, consolidation, opimization and compliance of mail retention systems, messaging systems and DMS/ECM systems.

When is contentGATE the right solution for your needs?

Supersession of the legacy archiving system

  • Dissatisfaction with your legacy archiving system
  • None or inadequate support
  • Termination of production development, EOL, no support
  • Example: Mimosa
  • Lack of features

Consolidation / Optimization of archiving systems
  • Company acquisition
  • Migration of archived Data from server A to B
  • Consolidation of multiple archive mailboxes
  • How to cope with mailboxes of retired employees

Exchange 2010/2013/2016 and maybe O365 Archive
  • Migration of e-mail archiving system into 2010/2013/2016 archiving mailbox
  • Faster ROI – costs lapse directly after supersession of the legacy archiving system, no administrative or HW costs
  • Small TCO – only 1 system must be administrated and maintenanc

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