AfB – social & green IT

Welcome to Europes first charitable IT company!

The AfB-Concept is a multiplicatively priced example for successful social entrepreneurship – it connects professional IT services with social and ecological surplus value. By secondment of used IT hardware to AfB you play a part in contributing to generate jobs for people with disabilities and to realise numerous social projects. At same time our program is conducive to protection of environment, resources and climate. Processing and remarketing of devices protects short resources and avoids electrical waste. New Production is reduced and hereby carbon footprint gets improved.

As partner of AfB you benefit from professional and gapless service from the collection of goods until to a certified data destruction and documentation. Within our whole process data integrity is guaranteed. Within the scope of your public relation activities you can report on social success enabled by your commitment. 

  • Founded in 2004
  • More than 250 employees
  • Activities:
    collection, inventory, testing, data destruction, cleaning, repair, marketing, recycling of IT, hardware and mobile devices
  • 267.000 processed devices from more than 560 different partners in 2015
  • 15 locations in 4 countries & collection in 20 European countries
  • Certified to TÜV, Dekra and PÜG
  • Blancco Gold Partner and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher
  • Collection of IT hardware and mobile devices domestic and abroad, independent of quantity
  •  Supply of lockable collecting box or envelopes for mobile devices
  • Collection by AfB staff and AfB vehicle fleet (always same employees all certified to Federal Data Protection Act
  • Inventory, auditing and test of hardware
  • Data destruction done by software Blancco
  • Data destruction done by AfB-owned shredder (DIN 66399, H5)
  • Automatic Reporting of audit reports and verifications of data destruction by mail
  • Consulting along full process chain from data safe and space-saving collection of obsolete hardware to fast and safe delivery of devices until to certified data destruction by reference to respectively current recommendation of BSI
  • Seizure of all participants abide by all relevant laws

For purposes of remarketing and disposal of used IT devices Fujitsu enlists AfB’s support (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung; translated: work for people with disabilities). AfB offers highest data security, audit-proof processes and a sustainable green-IT concept. By this partnership Fujitsu wants to offer its customers a professional and sustainable solution for IT devices no longer required. Furthermore, Fujitsu emphasize how important social and ecological acting is within its corporation strategy.

As Fujitsu customer, you will additionally benefit:

  • Fujitsu customers can purchase their legacy devices through AfB but also to purchase IT devices at special conditions (online, shops, on site disposal)
  • Documentation of social commitment of Fujitsu customers based on verifiable numbers (CSR deed) incl. support at communication (press release, intranet, …)

Marketing of IT devices to end customers (private persons, education institutes, non-profit organisations) or properly disposal – both within the borders of the country where we collect the devices. By doing so there will be no export of waste which could be of a reputation risk.