commvault – simpana

You will never see your protected data with the same eyes again.

The Simpana software from CommVault® was constructed with a consistent code base for an integrated data and information management on a single platform. All functions have the same DNA and back-end technology to ensure the incomparable advantages of the holistic access for security and management of data as well as the access to data.

The Simpana software makes investments by a software platform which is flexible, modular and ready even then unnecessary if new challenges would have to be overcome. The software of Simpana has the new functions of many isolated solutions but they are better, more cost-effective and much easier.

At beginning exists only one single platform. The platform of Simpana contains individually licensable modules to analyse, replicate, secure, archive and to search for data. Whereas the modules can share common back-end services and advanced functions they are able to communicate with each other without any complications across the platform to solute uncountable problems which are connected with the saving and the access of your data and information.

Simpana 10 is a great step ahead for your company!

With more than 300 new features Simpana 10 isn’t only conceived to secure your data but rather to change companies like yours by transform administered data into an information asset.