Software-defined storage solution

SANsymphony™-V10 is the leading solution from DataCore for storage virtualisation – and this it is already in the 10th generation. The software is getting deployed by over 10.000 satisfied customers and maximise the power, the availability and the utilization of IT infrastructure by virtualisation of the storage hardware.

Just a single platform for your storage.

Some of these services are very common under modern storage systems. Services like Snapshots, Thin Provisioning and specularity – but only DataCore is able to offer these functions in a universal format.

Why our customers value us? Asked customers reported us about:


Less storage costs


Less storage connected failures


More power


Less time effort for storage connected routine tasks


Improved capacity utilisation

Usage scenarios for SANsymphony-V10

Use DataCore whenever you have to deal with one of these tasks:

  • Virtualising of already existing storage hardware
  • Editing of hyper-convergent systems within a local server network
  • Integrating of flash / SSD into existing storage

Virtualise your external storage hardware:
The SANsymphony-V-Software runs on a standard-x86-Server and offers a set of common storage services for every storage device. To administrate the consolidated storage capacity from the different devices within a common pool prevents a waste of storage space. Different storage systems communicate with each other without any problems, reducing the complexity and prevent downtimes. The data getting replicated between the knots on a way at which there exists no single point of failure. Without any problems you are able to scale by selection of the most suitable hardware manufacturer for every category of storage and server (scale up & scale out).

Placed within the file path?

As a result, would not anything getting slowed down by this?

Actual the direct opposite happens! 

Auto Tiering – dynamically optimised resources

DataCore enables you to edit up to 15 storage classes and the data getting automatically migrated upon the storage class which offers the right power proper in time. Not even in the week, not even a day – anything of that happens permanent; real-time tuning of your data. Data can get automatically migrated from Flash to Enterprise Storage, Nearline-Storage and even into the cloud for archiving.

The The best part is that all of it happens at the block level. Especially the data banks need a lot of power but not all data blocks that belong to that require the same amount of power. Use your Flash-or High-End-storage to make sure that only the most requested data blocks are on your high performance storage system.

The auto-tiering-technology from DataCore minimizes your investments in high performance storage

A new hardware isn’t the only way to uprating:

DataCore makes your available storage hardware up to 10 times faster!
DataCore macht Ihre vorhandene Speicher-Hardware bis zu 10-mal schneller The concept is simple, electronic storage is a lot faster than hard drives and even faster than Flash. That’s why your applications run as long as possible in the storage! DataCore uses x86-64-CPUs and the storage from the DataCore-knots as efficient and affordable “Mega-Caches”.

The optimization of the performance is the “secret weapon” from DataCore. The high performance-cache-algorithms can anticipate reading- requests and save data- blocks in DRAM, before the applications even request them. An evaluation of the usage-pattern takes place in which no data is being written on the hardware whilst it’s still being used. Once the data is supposed to be written on the hard drive a harmonization of random writing processes and organized sequential writing processes takes place, so that the data is written on the hard drive as fast as possible.

Creating of hyper-convergent systems with Direct-Attached storage
For the utilization cases in which you wish to have your storage close to your applications even though you have to “share” it with a server association DataCore Virtual SAN is the ideal solution for you without investing in storage networks.

  • Scalable up to 64 knots
  • Scalable up to 64 PB
  • Scalable up to 100 million IOPS

Easy connection between locations

When should you start with DataCore?

  • Before the next purchase of storage hardware
  • When using or thinking about using Flash/SSD
  • When expanding server-/desktop-virtualising
  • When developing plans for failure safety

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