Ericom Connect

Absolutely Limitless!

The Company

Ericom is a leading global provider of access, virtualisation and RDP acceleration solutions. Since 1993 Ericom enables companies of all industries a safe and central-administrated access to applications and desktops running with Microsoft RDS / Terminal Services, VDI, cloud platforms and other systems which are used by masses of users on computers and mobile devices

Ericom Connect ®
Absolutely Limitless!

If you require unlimited scalability or an easy-to-use and immediately available connection broker than Ericom Connect represents the answer!

A stable access management solution which is easy to install and to use.

Operates so easily!

Ericom Connect sets new standards for company-wide & central-managed access to Windows applications and desktops. Connect is characterised by an unrivalled easiness, high using comfort and an efficient reporting by practically unlimited scalability. Because Connect supports up to 100.000 users per access management server you are able to climb in as small as you want and to steadily and predictably grow up to one million concurrent users on demand. As reliable producer with more than two decades of experience in the access market Ericom supports you to match Connect to your individual requirements. 

  • Easily share Virtualised applications & desktops within hours, not days!
  • Drastically reduce the strain of IT & Helpdesk Connect requires no installer, plug-ins or patches
  • Enables Mobility & BYOD have desktops & applications ready at any time on every device to increase productivity
  • 100% web-based drag and drop management a single surface for deployment, management and monitoring
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio up to 30% reduced server requirements
  •  Use your IT efficiently reduce complexity and overheads; optimise your investments
  • IT turns from a cost centre into a data goldmine Make more out of your data. Connect offers powerful analysing and reporting tools, proactive error tracking
  • Business & workforce continuity safe more; steadily available access mitigates production breakdowns

Why Ericom Connect®?

Advanced Grid Architecture. The super-scalable, highly-accessible and robust architecture is able to support multiple hundreds of thousands hosting server. 

Efficient reporting.

Integrated reports deliver holistic evaluations of system resources and user and session activities. By doing this it’s easy to optimise the use of application and desktop, to keep the productivity in view, to supervise status and workload of the systems and to solute problems .

100% web-based administration.

The easily usable and web-based drag and drop interface increase the management capacity towards other products tenfold. All components are centrally distributed, administrated, supervised and able to get installed without installer and plug-ins. The times at which client-based admin tools had to get distributed, configured and maintained are over. Connect administrate all resources and user within a single powerful surface.

Accessible Versions

Ericom Connect Enterprise
For companies with more than 1.000 users which need a flexible and highly scalable solution.

Ericom Connect Professional
For small and mid-sized companies with less than 1.000 users.



Get an extensive view of your system’s condition.
The dashboard shows every publicised application, desktop and document. Here they get configured and personalised.