Peer Software

The Company

Peer Software began its journey of success in New York in the year of 1993. Back then, founder Paul Marsala invented the initial Version of PeerSync® . By now, Peer Software operates from facilities in Centreville (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Munich (Germany) and London (England) while serving more than 10.000 customers around the globe.


To manage your business is complex enough… but managing your growing data volume shouldn’t be.


One solution to cover everything! – Peer Global File Service


PeerGFS creates one single, holistic and globally accessible data administration system to enable fast local access to every user while constant data security and high accessibility are enabled at the same time.

More Productivity

Even the best WAN infrastructures which need access to centrally stored data can`t satisfy.

PeerGFS maximise productivity of your employees by keeping important data local, near to user, his applications and computer rescources.

More Flexibility

PeerGFS enables the flexibility of choosing, copying or shifting different storage platforms and cloud environments of your data workloads.

PeerGFS can be upgraded to involve the most best and latest storage platforms on the market.

Improved cost efficiency

Consolidate backups from your facilities to the storage of your data center.

Real-time application supplies your company with the smallest potential data loss.

Support for Cloud main gateways from MS Azure, Amazon and Scality additionally enable the use of older backup infrastructure to support your growth in data.

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