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The advantages of the two cloud models private cloud and public cloud combined in one common concept? That is exactly what the hybrid cloud makes possible and also why it is this versatile. While the requirements of data protection-critical applications or legally regulated companies are met, the flexibility of public access cloud solutions can be applied at the same time. A wide variety of business processes can thus be easily shared and assigned to the respectively appropriate cloud structure.

For many companies, some of the new requirements are difficult or impossible to handle with their existing IT infrastructure. Their own on-premises architecture then does not have the necessary resources to implement certain solutions cost-effectively. Using a well-scalable hybrid cloud, companies are able to act quickly and flexibly without having to sacrifice security or data protection.

The private cloud can be set up and operated individually for any company, in order to take over the mapping of sensitive business processes. Meanwhile, the public cloud is operated by a service provider and thus saves companies high investment costs for the acquisition and maintenance of hardware. In addition, computing and storage capacity can be added almost in real time without having to interrupt business processes. Companies that do not have the space for large data centers, or simply want to scale cost-effectively, can thus expand their own resources only when actually needed.

The real advantage of a hybrid cloud is therefore the ability to give companies greater control over their data. They are given a range of options and, depending on their interests, can choose exactly the environment that best meets individual usage requirements.

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Our Solutions

We support you and your employees in establishing an agile hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables you to always use exactly the cloud application that is most efficient for you as a company.

Let us show you how you can combine the best of both worlds!

  • Extending private cloud infrastructure with public cloud resources
  • Transforming data centers in the direction of software-defined data centers
  • Implementation of hybrid cloud concepts



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Project GEV Grundeigentümer-Versicherung VVaG

GEV Grundeigentümer-Versicherung (GEV Landowner-Insurance) established a hybrid backup strategy as part of a project, to meet the needed data security and the legal and regulatory requirements. The storage systems from HPE, Nimble and Fujitsu form the basic framework for this. Commvault is used as the backup software.
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  • Goals reached


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Nimble Storage
  • VMware
  • Commvault 
  • Fujitsu Storage


  • Consulting on the hybrid backup strategy including its’ development
  • Implementation of the hybrid backup strategy including disaster recovery (restoration of production-relevant components in the Azure Cloud)
  • Combination of on-prem backup with synchronization of the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Delivery of the necessary hardware (Nimble and Fujitsu Storage) and software (Commvault)
By means of a hybrid backup strategy, we developed and implemented an efficient strategy for cases of emergency, together with sysmind.
Florian Wieberneit

IT Lead

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