Approved Great Employer

2021 re-certification as “Approved Great Employer” and for the first-time certification as “Approved Great Trainer”

This year sysmind has not only received the certificate for being an “Approved Great Employer” for the third time, but also gained the seal of “Approved Great Trainer” for the first time.

Currently, sysmind employs five junior staff members and enables them apprenticeships as IT system management clerks or IT system integration specialists. In addition, our students are enrolled in the dual study program IT Management, Consulting & Auditing at the FH Wedel.

Even after the completion of their apprenticeships / studies, sysmind continues to support all employees in further education, not only financially but also by providing a car or technical equipment.


The Family Business

Since 2016, sysmind has been a member of the association “Die Familienunternehmer e.V.”, which represents about 6000 members from all industries.

Besides sysmind, only family- or owner entrepreneurs belong to the association. Prerequisites for membership are: At least one million Euro annual turnover, at least 10 employees, and an entry in the commercial register.

The motto of the association is: “Freedom, property, competition, and responsibility”. The honorary family entrepreneurs and owner-managers in Germany advocate optimal entrepreneurial framework conditions in politics, society, and media.

One aspect that not only plays an important role in the interest group of family entrepreneurs but is also valued by sysmind is: WE DON’T JUST TALK, WE DO!

This is reflected, for example, in the allocation of apprenticeships.

90 percent of all German companies are family businesses. And: Many of these family-run companies are world market leaders. Family businesses provide almost 60 percent of all jobs that are subject to social insurance contributions, and around 80 percent of all apprenticeships in Germany. Thus, sysmind annually contributes with apprenticeships as well as dual study places.


BMVW – The Middle Class

sysmind is proud to be a member of the “Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft Unternehmensverband Deutschland e.V.” since the beginning of 2021.

The BVMW is a business association based in Berlin. The association is an industry -neutral representation of the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.

As “the voice of the middle class” the alliance represents the interests of over 900,000 entrepreneurs.

In discussions with political decision-makers, the BVMW is committed to improving the political framework conditions for small and medium-sized businesses. At all political levels, BVMW has successfully represented the interests of the German middle class and achieved concrete results.

For example, in the digital agenda BVMW called for an increase in government funding for artificial intelligence. After numerous debates and discussions with members of the Bundestag and high-ranking staff at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the association reached that the government investment in AI was increased from €3 billion to €5 billion by 2025.


Crefozert 2022

The CrefoZert

For several years, sysmind has been making impressive progress in financial terms, and now we have been awarded an “excellent credit rating” by Creditreform for our achievements. This certificate fills us with pride and shows that we live up to our motto “With strength & stability into the future!”

The transparent handling of information on our economic situation creates trust and forms the basis for successful long-term business relationships – not only with customers, business partners and employees, but also with banks or lenders. The CrefoZert, Creditreform’s creditworthiness certificate, presents our economic strength in an outstanding manner. It certifies that our business conduct is impeccable and also that sysmind’s forecast for the future is very positive.

The Way to CrefoZert

Every year around 1,200 medium-sized enterprises in Germany are awarded with the CrefoZert. The certification is based on the following criteria:

  • Determination of the Creditreform creditworthiness index
  • Examination of the complete annual financial statements of the last two fiscal years
  • Company survey on the current business situation and future prospects

To obtain the CrefoZert, your creditworthiness index must be between 100 and 249. In addition, neither the annual financial statement analyses nor the company survey should reveal any indications of current creditworthiness risks. If all criteria are met, you receive the creditworthiness certificate. At the same time, the company is represented in the CrefoZert database.


Contact Person

Dirk Jedamski

Dirk Jedamski

Senior Sales Cloud Coordinator ppa.

Myriam Magharbi-Müller

Myriam Magharbi-Müller

Finance & Human Resources ppa.