For sysmind social engagement is equally important as the close cooperation with our customers. For many years already, sysmind has been supporting a variety of social projects, assisting regional associations, institutions and foundations with donations in kind and money.

September 2021 Appen Musiziert e.V.

It is time to open our eyes!
The dignity of the child is inviolable. Every child has the right to be protected from violence of their parents or other perpetrators.

Don’t look away! – Help!

sysmind is a proud partner of the association: No violence against children and adolescents.

Since its founding in 1990, the Appen Musiziert e.V. has been committed to the welfare of sick children. By organizing benefit concerts, the association has meanwhile raised over 6,5 million euros for seriously ill children.
In autumn 2021, sysmind donates to Appen Musiziert, because the well-being of all children is very important to us, and we do not tolerate violence against children!


January 2021…Think Local, But Global is Hero

That’s probably how we would describe it, because we all know about the good resolutions at the end of every year.

At sysmind we reflected on this and thought, why not turn the whole thing around and start the new year 2021 with a GOOD RESOLUTION or even better with a DONATION for local institutions?

Then we immediately went into action and implemented our idea, because we do not support “would, should, would have or could help”, but simply “DOING”. Thus, we support the smallest of our local society and can this way really help with our donation.

….as the saying goes:
Who saves a single life, saves the whole world!
#HerzKinderHilfeHamburgeV #donors #sysmind #doinggood #DOING

December 2020 Meine Elbe-Patenschaft

The Elbe is a special river. It is one of the last relatively natural rivers in Central Europe and has a close connection to Hamburg, so we feel obliged to protect it. For this reason, sysmind has concluded a sponsorship in cooperation with Jürgen Schneider IT Service Management and is committed to the protection of the river and its floodplains.

Bethanien Kinderdorf

September 2020 Bethanien Kinderdorf

In cooperation with Colt Technology Services Ltd., in 2020 sysmind donated to the Children’s Village Schwalmtal. The donation is used to support children and young people who, for various reasons, can no longer live with their biological families, thus giving the children a new home in a family-like atmosphere. This creates a good foundation for a healthy confidence in life.

March 2020 Zusammen für den HSV!

As part of the initiative „Zusammen für den HSV” (“Together for HSV!”), sysmind proved its strong HSV spirit and waived all previously made ticket payments. HSV says thank you. As an HSV family we have mastered all challenges together so far. In order to cope with this currently very intensive time, HSV started the initiative together with solidary partners:

„Zusammen für den HSV” – “Together for HSV!”


September 2019 Karabuni Charity Run

This year, sysmind again participated in a charity run. The run we supported was the THS Karibunilauf. It is a fundraising campaign initiated by “Karibuni e.V.”, which benefits orphans in Karatu. The aim is to give the children the chance of a self-determined life through education and individual support.

June 2019 Walter-Pein-Tournament

This year sysmind again supported the Walter-Pein-Tournament in Appen. The charity tournament takes place annually in coordination between TuS Appen and Appen Musiziert. With the donations Appen Musiziert supports different organizations like “Stiftung KinderHerz” or “INITIATIVKREIS” for children suffering from cancer.

sysmind is already looking forward to next year!



June 2019 My Cool Role Models

Nowadays, we spend more and more time in front of our screens. This especially applies to children. Therefore, sysmind is very pleased to support the International Police Association with the coloring book “My Cool Role Models”. The book teaches children about the responsibilities and tasks of our German police and rescue forces and is intended to encourage them to treat officers with respect and to develop social commitment. The coloring activities help to engage children in a traditional way, and to awaken interest in being a role model for others themselves by always taking responsibility.

October 2018 Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter

In 2018, sysmind was happy to support the BDK’s prevention brochure “Safe Childhood”. The brochure puts an emphasis on the topic of child abuse and the possibility to recognize these terrible crimes against the weakest in our society more easily, and to sensitize all responsible parties.

“Parents and schools should empower children to trust themselves more than others, to give their view of things more weight than the one of adults.”



September 2018 Herzenswünsche e.V.

In cooperation with Colt Technology Services Ltd., in 2018 sysmind made a donation to Herzenwünsche e.V. This fundraising campaign aims to help seriously ill children fulfill their heart’s desire, with the goal of giving sick children and young people back their strength and courage to face life by fulfilling their most fervent wish.

June 2018 Voluntary Fire Brigade Appen

Supporting voluntary work also plays an important role for sysmind. For this reason, in 2018 sysmind donated new IT equipment to the voluntary fire brigade in Appen, in order to provide the volunteers with a more modern “workplace”.


June 2017 Apprenticeship Cooperation AWO

Since 2017, sysmind has been in an apprenticeship cooperation with the AWO (Landesverband Hamburg e.V.). Through this cooperation, we offer trainees the opportunity to integrate into our company and benefit from a modern, flexible workplace.

November 2016 TuS Appen

sysmind stands with its social responsibility on both a small and a large scale.
For this reason, in November 2016 the management team of sysmind decided to donate new jerseys to the TuS Appen 1947 for the successful 1st and 2nd F-soccer youths.
We are very happy to have elicited a joyful smile from the little stars of “tomorrow” by giving them the complete equipment. We wish both teams continued success in the hunt for cups and medals.


May 2015 & 2016 Sternenbrücke / Municipal Fire Brigade Hamburg

In cooperation with the municipal fire department Hamburg, station 11 in the Adimiralitätsstraße, in both 2015 and 2016 with pleasure sysmind donated corresponding amounts of money to the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke. The children’s hospice Sternenbrücke accompanies affected families in the context of relief care on the long illness journey of the children, to enable them a strength-saving recovery phase and to give the children joy and courage.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hamburg fire department, and in particular Station 11, for their social commitment. We would also like to express our gratitude to all employees of the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice for their daily commitment and continuous dedication.


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